Thursday, 22 April 2010

Controversial BNP General Election 2010 TV Advert, featuring Marmite

Very odd (but typical) party political broadcast from the British National Party and certainly getting a lot of airtime.

Marmite owner, Unilever, is now threatening legal action against the BNP to stop it from using the jar of famous yeast extract in their party broadcast.

The BNP is saying that their reason for featuring the super spread was related to paranoia surrounding a recent campaign by Marmite, which involved a mock election based on the premise that you either "love it or hate it".

Apparently the BNP saw striking similarities with the 'Hate Party' and felt that they had to get their own back.

Quite amusing that they have only now realised the similarity with the 'Hate Party', because most of the nation had noticed that a long time ago.

Either that or it is a very strange spoof...

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