Friday, 4 June 2010

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11- Welcome to Team Golf

One in a series of 'Team Golf' videos, starring Tiger Woods & promoting his upcoming game: 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11'

This one sees a focus on a Ryder Cup-style contest versus the European team as the viewer is welcomed to 'Team Golf'.

Other videos are set to show:

- Team Europe shooting basketball 3-pointers, with a pitching wedge.
- A hockey goalie stops three Ian Poulter drives-on-goal; a fourth scores.
- A soccer goalie leaps to block Tiger’s putt.
- And an omnibus combines all those sports, plus football.

The campaign concept is “All the excitement of team sports meets golf... now with team play”. 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11' is the game in the series where you can play team golf and Ryder Cup play. The campaign's tag-line is “Welcome to team golf”

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