Monday, 8 November 2010

M&M's Canada: 'Find Red'

New campaign for M&M's in Canada - involving searching for the missing Red M&M via a range of social media channels - the first 6 hints to kick-off the search are given in the video.

By visiting the microsite, users can access Google Maps Street View to search the digital city, looking for Red’s three different locations.

Once Red is spotted, the lucky player pushes the button and continues the search until she or he finds all the three places.

Here are the social media channels where the other M&M's will be providing hints:

Twitter—users of the micro-blogging webservice can discuss their achievements using the hashtag #FindRed;

Stickybits—with the help of barcodes, which can be found on participating M&M’s products, players can receive new clues;

Foursquare—users of this network can follow Red as he checks into various locations around Toronto;

QR codes—the brand will put real-world posters featuring 18 QR codes with hints;

Facebook—the new M&M’s Canada page provides users with links to other hubs and also serves as a platform for active discussions on the theme.

This hilarious geo-locating Find Red campaign was developed by Toronto-based Proximity Canada.

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