Friday, 5 March 2010

Think Road Safety Campaign - Named Riders

Honda - Let It Shine: The Making Of

Dante's Inferno - Digg

Digg appeared to have been hacked the other day, because when you viewed the page source, you saw the following in the code:

But it was an elaborate ad for Dante's Inferno

“Since Digg’s early days, ASCII art has been ingrained in our site’s culture,” said Chas Edwards, Digg Publisher and Chief Revenue Officer. "We’re thrilled with the opportunity presented by our partnership with Electronic Arts and the Dante’s Inferno team — incorporating ASCII art into advertising on Digg, while providing the 40 million users in the Digg Community first access to the promotion code".

Oh No Yoko...

What an astounding sell-out from Yoko Ono.

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