Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ad the FT wouldn't print: Amnesty International - Financial Times Shell Print Ad

I saw the ad in The Metro who clearly felt it was fine to print, however a spokesman for the FT said:

"Editorially the FT was more than willing to run the advertisement for Amnesty. Unfortunately, whilst Amnesty gave us written assurances that they would take full responsibility for the comments and opinions stated in the advertisement, it became apparent that Amnesty's lawyers had not had a proper opportunity to advise Amnesty on those opinions. As a result, from a legal perspective we were unable to rely on Amnesty's assurances."

Check out http://www.protectthehuman.com/demanddignity for more info.

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Adidas: Fast vs. Fast - Messi vs. Villa featuring Zinedine Zidane

To promote the F50 adiZero - "The Lightest. The Fastest." - Adidas have brought Lionel Messi and David Villa together to compete against each other for pure speed. French legend, Zinedine Zidane plays a supporting role.

Adidas invites you to Unleash your Speed at: http://facebook.com/adidasFootball

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Super Sexy CPR: Fortnight Lingerie, Canada

This educational video is is from Canadian brand Fortnight Lingerie and it features two attractive females in lingerie demonstrating how to perform CPR.

Whether the ad appeals to the right sex I do not know, but maybe men will be rushing to dress their ladies in Fortnight's underwear in the hope that they suddenly require mouth-to-mouth...

Check out http://fortnightlingerie.com/ for the lingerie and http://supersexycpr.com/ for the CPR - please note that we are promised 'Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts' on June 1st, 2010

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Hand of Dog - npower World Cup 2018 - Wallace & Gromit TV Ad and Competition

Harking back to when Maradona's ‘Hand of God’ knocked England out of the World Cup in 1986. This npower ad supports the ‘Back the Bid 2018’ campaign for England to host the World Cup.

As an Official Supporter of the Bid, npower is getting behind England 2018, as hosting the World Cup would provide a huge boost for British businesses large and small.

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VirtualVacay.com Augmented Reality Experience from Hotels.com

Neat & fun Augmented Reality, created by Y&R Chicago for Hotels.com.

Via an Augmented Reality microsite called www.virtualvacay.com users can experience various US cities in the palm of their hands by holding up the AR symbol to their webcam.

The site also offers microphone interactivity, real-time data feeds, local events information, a personal tour guide and the chance to make personal AR post cards to send to friends.

Check out more at www.virtualvacay.com

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