Thursday, 27 May 2010

Stop-motion: 'Wolf & Pig' - Forerunner to the Olympus 'PEN Story' and 'PEN Giant'?

It's not an advert, but it came before the original 'PEN Story' and certainly has similarities in the way it was shot and the work that has gone into producing it.

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Olympus 'PEN Story': Stop-Motion Video

This is the original Olympus 'PEN Story' stop-motion video, shot using 9,600 prints and then 1,800 new photos to produce the video.

Free download of the music at

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Olympus 'PEN Giant': Stop-Motion Video

Olympus have produced this stop-motion video using life-size images taken using an Olympus PEN camera.

This comes a year after the original 'PEN Story'.

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Samsung 3D Projection Mapping In Amsterdam

3D projection mapping is becoming quite a popular medium with brands and, when it is done well, it certainly delivers an eye-catching results.

This ran for three nights in Amsterdam for the new Samsung 3D LED TV.

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