Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Skoda Superb Estate - Remote Control Boot Advert

Augmented Reality Olympus PEN: 3D Demo

Nice AR demo, as a follow-up to the stop-motion work that has been promoting the Olympus PEN camera range.

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Billboard Brazil: 'Billboard Yourself'

Cool interactive video installation from Almap BBDO, for Billboard Magazine Brazil.

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Lewis Hamilton: Vodafone Racing - 'Transmission Series'

Lewis Hamilton introduces the new Transmission Series, exclusively available through Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

Transmission puts users in the driving seat and lets them vote for what content they want to see.


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British Petroleum (BP): A Message from Tony Hayward (CEO)

Sony Dash: Viral Advert - 'Mr. Sun'

Sony's, kind of, answer-to-the-iPad is more like a Chumby and runs much of the same software.

The Sony Dash is a glorified alarm clock which, remarkably, has no battery and needs to stay plugged-in.

It seems to be more designed as a useful Chumby for when the user is not in a rush, rather than designed as a product that you can take with you when you want to 'dash'.

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Funeral Services: 'Come a little closer'

Dark humour from a German funeral service...

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VW Eos: 'Umbrella'

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