Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Nando's, South Africa: Free coke for Uruguayans

Nando's (south Africa) are offering the Uruguayan players and fans a free coke ("no, not that kind of coke") if they lose to South Africa tomorrow!

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Hyundai Giant Vuvuzela, Cape Town: South Africa World Cup 2010

In homage to the only star to emerge from the World Cup so far, Hyundai have erected a huge 114-foot-long Vuvuzela on one of the unfinished flyover roads above Cape Town and attached several air horns to the mouth piece...

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Sony 3D TV Advert, featuring Kaka: "Do not adjust your set"

Clever advert for Sony's new Bravia 3D TVs, featuring Brazilian star Kaka.

Directed by Jonathan Glazer (Blur and Radiohead), the advert was shot in 3D using Sony's own 3D cameras. By showing the blurred action when watching the ad in 2D, it strives to convince the viewer to fork out and upgrade to 3D TV. Any viewer who already owns a 3D TV will be able to view the advert in HD 3D.

"Maybe it's time to get a 3D TV..."

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Rankin Binge-Drinking Viral Video: NHS

"Lose control and you could lose everything"

NHS Birmingham East and North employed well-known photographer Rankin to create a shocking viral to highlight the dangers of binge-drinking, as part of a multimedia campaign that launched on 24th May 2010.

Questions have been raised about Rankin's suitability for the project, given that previous advertising commissions include Guinness, Jameson's and Baileys.

However last year he shot an anti-smoking campaign and in this ad he works with co-director Chris Cottam to depict a young binge-drinker losing it after a booze-filled night.



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Seesaw TV Advert:

"If you love TV...If you really really love TV"

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Pot Noodle: 'Sticky Rib'

Ad for Pot Noodle Sticky Rib directed by Joseph Kahn, who is renowned for making music videos - which shines through in this ad for the students' favourite snack.

Amongst the many artists he has worked with are Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls and Eminem.

Created by Mother.

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Crunchie Rocks - Cadbury TV Advert: 'Share that Friday Feeling'

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