Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Jim Beam: 'Bold Choices' Cultural Movement

Beautiful advert for Jim Beam, featuring Willem Dafoe.

Created by Strawberry Frog, here's what they have to say about it:

One of America's most iconic brands, Jim Beam, is sparking a cultural movement for bold choices. Because the bold choices we make, make us. The question is, which “us” will we choose? In the anthem for Jim Beam created by StrawberryFrog and filmed by Director Dante Ariola, Oscar-nominated actor Willem Dafoe sparks our movement by pondering that exact question.

In this film, a young Dafoe is at a crossroads, faced with a choice. To boldly leave his hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, and head for the bright lights and long odds of an acting career in New York City, or stay put, and let fate play a leading role in deciding his future.

As he reflects on his decision, we explore the many futures that could have been – factory foreman, chess champion, aging punk, even sumo wrestler - but as Dafoe notes, in the end, there is really only one choice.

“All choices lead you somewhere,” Dafoe notes. ”Bold choices take you where you’re supposed to be.”

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Chrome Fast: Google Chrome

Fairly clever idea from Google, who used a similar technique in the Speed Test when launching Chrome.

On the Chrome Fast YouTube channel you can design your own challenge and share with a friend to see if they can answer the questions in time.

PUMA Faas: 'Blam! Blam!' TV Advert

PUMA's 'Blam! Blam!' TV ad for their new 'Faas' running shoes.

This spot features the World's fastest band and a cameo from Usain Bolt (the world's fastest man).

The Faas shoes claim to go back to Jamaican running's roots - with a 'less is more' approach resulting in a range of lightweight trainers.

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